The Importance of Clean Beauty

Clean beauty and green beauty are two words you have probably been hearing a lot lately, especially in the past 4 years. If you are a true hippie at heart you probably have known about this since the 70s, but us newbies are just getting started. Sephora has just recently created a new feature in their stores and online called “Clean at Sephora” which basically does all the work for you in finding clean beauty brands. Goop and Poosh, the lifestyle blog/shop/brand, have been pooshing (if you read poosh, you will understand my joke) us towards a cleaner and greener life style.

So why is this so important? Well if you were to just type in "why is clean beauty important" you will see articles and articles and blog posts galore of why you should have a clean beauty routine. The major reason is to protect your body from ingredients such as parabens, synthetic fragrances, etc etc, that are hormone disrupters which can lead to inflammation or cancer.

I’ve always had a relatively clean beauty routine thanks to my mother,  my earth woman grandmother, and California baby launching right around the year I was born, but as a young preteen I strayed from my natural roots to use what was cool. Four years later at age 15 I found out that many of the products I was using, Including tampons and pads (which were a relatively new subject) were filled with chemicals that could lead to many different problems including cancer. What also was infuriating to me was the fact that Europe had extremely strict requirements of what can and cannot go into beauty and health products when our  FDA turns a blind eye at the beauty industry and lets anything from formaldehyde to methanol (the ingredients used to preserve a dead body) in the face cream or shampoo that you are using right now.

Now at 19 I can proudly tell you that ALL my products are cruelty free and 90% of them are completely clean. For the past 4 years I’ve tested a S^*t ton of products (ask my mother) and I have curated a beautiful....... expensive....... routine that has been giving me baby skin.I’m here to share it with you! So you don’t have to go through the trial and error like I did! Also these brands/ products work for just about everyone. Many of the products my mom uses as well, which was extremely important for me when in the research process. I specifically researched products that I could use 10+ years down the line from now.



My all time favourite skincare brand in the entire world is Dr Barbara Sturm. She is my German queen of skin care. I’ve seen German and Swedish skincare at the TOP of clean beauty because of their use of technology, everything is so much more advance in Germany and Sweden so I would keep an eye out on their beauty industry. Every ingredient is sourced from a natural ingredient and no where along the line is it tested on animals. I use the foaming cleanser, hylaronic acid, calming serum and Rich cream. I wish I could buy more. Trust me I have a full list of products from Babs Sturm that I want to buy once I save my money. It is pricey but so worth it!! Babs created every product (even the clarifying mask!) to help calm inflammation, which is probably the main source of why you have that pimple on your chin(yes the pimple on m chin is real, 19 and hormonal). I love her products because I’ve noticed my skin health get better overtime, they also have lasted me more than 8 months which is INSANE and partially the reason why her products are worth the price tag.

Looking into trying: EVERYTHING. But what I’m going to buy with my next paycheck is the toner because I just ran out of mine.

What I use: The foaming cleanser, hyaluronic acid, calming serum, and creme riche (this cream only in winter). Mom uses this too: anti-aging serum and creme rich.



I love the concept, ingredients, and recycling program that Tata has created. When ever I just want my skin to chill and breathe when I’m out of LA I just use her hydrating floral spray and moisturiser. Usually I just use the hydrating floral spray before I put on my hylaronic acid so that it penetrates deeper. Also the resurfacing mask, and face oils are so so so amazing for my skin. Tata I love you, please let me come to your farm in Vermont. She is the top top top of pure and clean beauty. I would put her moisturiser on my 11 month old nephew, that is how clean and gentle her products are.

Looking into trying: Stretch mark body balm and clarifying mask

What I use: The hydrating floral spray. Mom uses this



Okay This. Wow. This is just, IT. It’s it! Better than La Mer, cleaner than La Mer, not tested on animals like La Mer, contains zero mineral oil unlike La Mer and is scientifically proven to heal the skin unlike La Mer. Sorry La Mer users! Just think of it as the cleaner, smarter, actually created by a real scientist La Mer. After seeing my facialist queen Joanna Czech, Bella Hadid, my favourite beauty bloggers, and Into The Gloss mentioning this, I had to buy it. I found out it comes in three different sizes and I remember screaming because I could buy a little travel size, instead of investing immediately into the full size. Im currently using the cream, which is just the lighter version of the rich cream. It sinks into my skin super fast and doesn’t have any fragrance to it which is major. Just one use and my skin tone was smoother and I haven’t had a break out once since using it. Also love how both face creams come in a pump. I feel like I’m not contaminating the contents each time I use the creams and I’m sure my face likes the fact that the germs that were on my hand are not on my face. Can’t wait for them to release more products!! Taken from the Augustinus Bader website which I just had to add: "Our products are developed making sure they do not use ingredients that are known to be bad for the skin such as parabens, fragrance, mineral oils, sulfates (SLS, SLES), DEA and harsh chemicals, meaning that they are all printed with our 'free from' logo."

Looking into trying: The rich cream come winter time, this could possibly replace my Dr Barbara Sturm crème riche, definitely comparable. I love my Babs Sturm but what ever Joanna Czech says, we do.

What I’m using: The cream



The best face oil of all time. Each time I don’t think I need it, I end up needing it. If you were to walk away from this entire post with two things it would be this face oil and the newly released essence. That’s really all you need if you have normal skin. Will not say anymore because it’s all been said.

What I use: The oil serum. Mom uses this morning and night.



I heard about this brand from the glowing goddess Zoë Kravitz (God, if your are listening, please give me clear baby skin like hers). She said she has been using the glycolic and retinol pads for a long time and if you have seen an up close, unedited photo of her skin, you will understand why I will use any product she uses. She is 30 and looks 15!!! That’s a goal!!! The brand it’s self is extremely clean and VERY informative, if you have any allergies (nut, dairy, etc etc) look at the FAQs page and you will find many of your allergy answers.

Looking into trying: The glycolic and retinol pads, this is going to replace the lactic acid toner I’ve been using. Baby clear skin here I come.




Think of ISUN like the grown up Lush, so clean you could eat it. Another brand I heard about from Miss Kravitz. Apparently she has been said to use the chlorella algae mask which is extremely cooling and soothing.

Looking into trying: Rose Quartz body oil sounds magical and the Sun Butter.



Okay I had no idea that Tatcha was clean, thank you for the info Sephora!! I was scrolling through the sheet masks page on “Clean at Sephora” and saw the Tatcha sheet mask and got so so excited. I’ve always loved the SK-II sheet mask but it’s filled with so many parabens you could call it a McNugget. So when I tried Tachta’s slightly milkier formula I was hooked. I’m one of those people that if I’m breaking out I will moisturise like crazy instead of drying it out because I scar. I LOVE to use this mask when I’m breaking out. It smoothes my skin and makes my breakouts go down immediately.

Looking into trying: The mist that the Kardashian’s use, not sure the name




Basically the only brand you need for body care. Completely clean and super super basic and makes my skin super soft, keep in mind I have very sensitive skin. Tried and true, never going to stop using this brand. I’m not that big of a fan of scented moisturisers so their unscented body lotion is My favorite. I use the eucalyptus body wash and it fills my shower up with the eucalyptus scent and basically is the lazy girls hack to eucalyptus shower (look it up)

What I use: The body lotion and eucalyptus body wash



"Bow down bitches"- Beyoncé. The queen of clean body care. The geranium body balm is the only scented body lotion I can use, it smells like clean rose-y laundry. My mom loves the geranium leaf body wash which I have used a couple times and if you have the money BUY IT. Smells like heaven, feels like heaven.

Looking into trying: The spray deodorant

What I use: Geranium leaf body lotion. Mom uses geranium body wash and also uses Beatrice oil in the diffuser at the studio= signature scent at PISC.



I didn’t know if I should make this it’s own category or put it under body, but because I haven’t found the one yet I’m making it it’s own category. Currently I’m using the Lavanilla healthy sport deodorant which smells like laundry (see a scent pattern?) and works really really well. I’ve been using it since junior year in high school and it works better than any baking soda based deodorant I’ve ever used. I’ve learned that baking soda deodorants do not work for me AT ALL because I still have disgusting hormonal sweat sometimes. I’m 99.9% sure my sister uses this deodorant and it even works on my dad too( he used it in Hawaii in 90 degree weather with extreme humidity and he smelled fresher than me after going on a run).

Looking into trying: Megababe Rosie pits deodorant. Apparently this is Rosie Huntington whitely’s favourite deodorant, so it’s a defo try!

What I use: Lavanilla heathy sport deodorant




Good news is that this is the ONLY brand I use for my hair. It smells like vanilla and sandalwood or what I describe as a "a woody root beer float." It’s completely clean and was created by two Venice beach beauties that are looking to change the world. Their recycle program is AMAZING and the products make my hair feel so so so soft and clean without feeling stripped. I’m very very lowkey with my hair routine.... okay all I do is wash and air dry it and then put it in a braid at night to bring out my natural wave and fight the frizz I usually get. So this is PERFECT.

Looking into trying: The hair oil and new day hair mist

What I use: The everyday shampoo, supernatural conditioner, dry shampoo




Possibly one of the most attainable, affordable, and clean make up brand there is currently out there in my opinion. Every product I have tested out has amazing coverage and beautiful colours. Everyone from Lily Aldridge to Miranda Kerr uses this brand

Looking into trying: The signature set

What I use: “Un”cover up shade 22


If you have the money... Buy it. Created by celebrity make up artists and the queen of creating the no make up make up look, Gucci Westman. Gucci created this coveted and exclusive at Violet Grey make up line with skin in mind. Suffering from rosacea herself, Gucci made sure each product had amazing coverage but with a lighter than air feel. Sadly, I’m unable to afford her products, but I will save as long as it takes to purchase her products . This is a dream dream make up line

Looking into trying: EVERYTHING. Going to replace my entire make up case with her products.




Expensive, but worth it. This is the exact product that your facialist (mine uses at least) to make your skin look so. Damn. Good. So in order to save money and also provide that "sorry I just came from my $400 facial" skin, I digged through my moms medicine cabinet and pulled it out. Yes, my mother owned one before doing LED light treatments was main stream. There are three different kinds of hand held LED treatments: red light for fine lines and wrinkles, blue light for acne and then red light for pain. They are all amazing and I use them 3 times a week, specifically the combo of red and blue and I’ve seen a MAJOR improvement in my skin and it is major in prevention of aging and reversing sun damage.

Looking into buying: professional LightStim 2 panel for anti-ageing and acne.

What I use: LightStim for anti-ageing, LighStim for acne.


And that’s all! I can’t believe you read through all of this. Lots of information, lots of amazing products. If there is anything that you got from this post is that clean and cruelty free beauty products are out there and easy to switch to! There are plenty of different brands which are great alternatives to the current chemical filled products you may be using right now. It takes does take a little time and research but hopefully I narrowed down a few that you will try for a better healthier you . Your children, your grandchildren and the planet will love you for switching.

Sam Martin