The Pilates Institute of Southern California is proud to offer an advanced and unique Pilates Teacher Training Program.

This full training program is based on the fundamentals, disciplines and philosophies of Joseph H. Pilates, founder of the Pilates Method/Contrology. Our pilates training program teaches these fundamentals in conjunction with the extensive knowledge and professional experience of the program’s director, Stacey Vargas, and qualified staff.

The mission of our Pilates Teacher Training Program is to empower students in achieving a strong connection between body and mind as well as teaching the correct and effective training techniques of the Pilates Method. 

Certification focuses on:

  • Teaching the fundamentals of the Pilates Method in a supportive environment with personal attention.

  • Kathleen Stanford Grant's" skills"  to help us create a vocabulary that enhances the teachings of Mr. Pilates

  • Knowledge of all exercises performed in a classic style with appropriate and challenging variations.

  • Developing excellent teaching skills.

Teacher Training Program Instructors

Stacey Vargas
Stacey founded the Pilates Institute of Southern California (PISC) in the year 2000, and is currently an active instructor and the Director of the PISC Pilates Teacher Training Program which started in 2002. She has been teaching pilates locally since 1997.

Stacey began studying Pilates in 1994. She initially began her study of the Pilates method in New York and later obtained her Pilates certificate at the internationally known Pilates Center of Boulder.

She has continued her education by completing the Heritage Training Program based on the teachings of Kathleen Stanford Grant, as taught by 2nd generation instructor Cara Reeser.

The Program

Our comprehensive one year program will provide 800 hours of lecture, observation, practice teaching, private lessons, personal workouts, independent study and optional workshop attendance. The lectures are taught consecutively for 5 months (September- Jan and March-July) with a one month break in-between sessions. 


  • Observation - 180

  • Lecture Hours - 150

  • Practice Teaching - 200

  • Lessons, Privates, Group Classes, Workouts - 200

  • Independent Study - 100

  • Total Hours - 830

Through this curriculum, trainees will learn the Pilates technique used for all exercises on every piece of equipment. Trainees will learn in-depth instruction on how to teach and how to effectively communicate with their clients, provide variations for specific injuries, provide a safe environment and inspire.

Lecture Series
Our lecture curriculum will cover all aspects of becoming a well-rounded Pilates instructor. Lectures will cover the history, methodology and technique utilized for every exercise on all apparatus. Our instructors will provide additional instruction on teaching techniques, variations, verbal cueing as well as exercises for common injuries and safety issues. Students will also learn important business aspects of being a successful Pilates instructor.

Apprenticeship is an integral component of the training  process as it encourages self motivation and instills an independent thought process. Apprenticeship is comprised of observation, practice teaching, personal workouts and private lessons. This invaluable time spent in the apprenticeship offers each student an opportunity to develop their own teaching style while benefiting from the knowledge of other certified instructors and fellow trainees that have completed one or more lecture series.

Amenities during your apprenticeship include:

  • Personal Advisor

  • Access to PISC library of books, videos and periodicals

  • Use of PISC studio for personal workouts and training

  • Discounted studio rate for clients

  • Discounted lessons

Requirements for Graduation

  • Attend formal lecture series

  • Complete observation hours

  • Complete practice teaching hours

  • Complete private lessons/workouts

  • Complete case study

  • Complete reading list and anatomy plates

  • Pass all written practical and performances with 80% or higher


Applications are accepted throughout the year with a $500 non refundable deposit to hold your spot. Our lecture series begin in March and again in September of each calendar year.  We have found that some trainees need a little more time to complete the program and offer them up to 2yrs to complete if needed with no additional charge.