The Pilates Institute of Southern California offers
certified Pilates exercise lessons and training.

We design individual programs to meet your specific needs, with a mission to empower you to be in control of your health and well-being. In each session you'll be given tools to help with efficiency in your own movement patterns - we believe you'll take these tools and apply them to your every-day life.

Our Pilates studio, located in Manhattan Beach, California, has been open since 2000 and features industry-leading equipment, trained Pilates instructors and a warm, supportive atmosphere for the community. We offer private and semi-private lessons, with group Pilates classes available to our clientele as a way to subsidize workouts with their weekly privates.

The Pilates Method of Joseph H. Pilates

The Pilates method (pronounced puh-lah-teez) was originally developed in the early 1920's by Joseph Pilates, the legendary physical trainer and founder of "contrology," which he defined as "the science and art of coordinated body-mind-spirit development through natural movements." The method combines both Eastern (focus) and Western (strength) traditions, blending the mind and body to work in harmony.

Mr. Pilates created the method in order to improve strength, flexibility, balance, control and muscular symmetry. He designed specialized equipment, such as the "Cadillac" and the "Reformer," in order to tone and balance muscles without stressing the joints.

Anyone who desires better physical health can use this system!


Benefits of Pilates

  • Improve flexibility, balance and alignment

  • Gain mental strength, coordination, balance and alignment

  • Stretch and tone muscles while eliminating joint strain

  • Build stronger core muscles of the back and abdominals

  • Develops strength without bulk

  • Stimulate the circulatory and nervous system

  • Rehabilitate chronic injuries


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