A Typical Day, Embraced by Pilates

A day in the life of a trainee doesn't have to be consumed by just Pilates. As Sam details one of her typical days she truly embraced the Pilates life, or rather return to Life. Nothing should be excessive, not Pilates, not eating, not working but a perfect balance of it all!

I love this piece and I hope you do too. - Stacey (owner of PISC) 

I'm a big walker....I LOVE walking. It for sure comes from living in NYC for 4.5 years and walking everywhere...(really it's the only time you have to get your mind straight in NYC)  Now being back in LA I've made it a nonnegotiable part of my morning routine as I've found it's the perfect way for me to wake up my body, get some exercise, and connect with my boyfriend, dog, and my little community of Ocean Park. Today it was just West and I (my pup) so I decided to turn on a guided walking meditation by Jana Roemer (highly recommend). Since I don't always have time to meditate when I get home, I love doing walking meditations - it's a nice reminder to be present and aware of how much magic there is outside in our world. After this specific walking meditation I came back feeling a little unstoppable with the amount of energy that was refilled in body. 

I grabbed my coffee from Black Fuel and a croissant from my favorite local French bakery and headed straight to my desk. Along with being in the training program, I'm also pursing my acting career. Juggling both is sometimes a bit of a frenzy, but having a routine is what I found that keeps me grounded and productive. I start off lighting ALL the candles in my office (big candle girl too:), burn a little bit of sage, and put my David Elliot chakra essential oils on ( I usually just do my solar plexus, but depending on what I need accomplished I may add others too:) Now my day has really started! I begin with all the tasks that need to be done on a computer - emails, research (pilates and acting), writing up my pilates notes, etc. Surprisingly that takes up a large time of sitting so I usually do a bit of movement after - today I didn't feel like leaving my house so I whipped out my yoga mat and put on some Pilates Anytime with Brett Howard, he is one of my FAVORITE instructors. I'll do the whole class and then write down some notes on exercises I really liked and how he instructed certain movements (which I find to be the most important part to pay attention to while in training). 

To be honest, my day is usually a blur after this - I'll grab lunch (Ashland Hill), rush to West Hollywood for a commercial audition, sit in traffic for an hour, go on another walk, meet up with a friend, watch a TV show with really good acting (Succession on HBO!).... But the morning is what I can 99% of the time "control" and I've found I need routine to stay SANE for the rest of my day.

Stacey VArgas