Stacey Vargas

Stacey founded the Pilates Institute of Southern California LLC (PISC) in 2000 and is currently an active instructor and the Director of the PISC Pilates Teacher Training Program which started in 2002. She has been teaching Pilates locally since 1997.

Stacey has been dancing since the age of 2. At the age of 10 she was he youngest member of Oakland Metropolitan Ballet Company. She continued her dance career in the Los Angeles area with many talented and distinguished choreographers. Because of her commitment to dance, Stacey's career flourished. She moved on to perform in numerous venues; theater, film, television, and for a brief time worked with the "Laker Girls'. Stacey graduated from CSULB with a BA in Dance. 

With an intrinsic love for the human body, Stacey Understands the body's natural movement not only from a dancer's perspective  but from an athletic standpoint as well. As an active runner and swimmer, Stacey has been working with all types of athletes to help them re-pattern their movements to become more efficient in their respective field and to help strengthen existing injuries.

Stacey began studying Pilates in 1994. She initially began her study of the Pilates Method in New York and later obtained her Pilates certification at the internationally known Pilates Center of Boulder. Stacey also obtained her certification in The Heritage training, a masters program, through Cara Reeser. This program is based on the work of Kathleen Stanford Grant who studied, worked and was one of only two people to be certified through Mr.Pilates. "Continuing education is a must in our industry, the science behind movement is always changing and we owe it to our clients to be informed, cue correctly and understand what it is we are really asking our clients to do". Stacey attends Movement Science Made Simple workshops and any others that she can fit into her schedule each year.