Paige Amador

Paige is a California native and her Pilates journey started at a young age when she fell in love with ballet but suffered from several ankle injuries which ultimately stopped her from dancing. Even after her dancing stopped those injuries held her back and affected her day-to-day life as a teen. Soon she found a Pilates mat class online and started rehabilitating herself at home. She immediately saw results as it changed her health, confidence and her strength. Deciding to venture into a Pilates studio she found a reformer class then decided to take private lessons and she was hooked. Pilates is about longevity and taught her how to have control and balance with her body as her practice grew into a daily one. 

Paige now has her teacher training completed from the Pilates Institute of Southern CA where she uses the classic repertoire and combines it with current information on movement patterns through workshops that she attends. "I truly believe that with Pilates anyone can live a stronger and healthier life". Her daily goal is to help clients repair their current injuries and patterns by creating individual plans to meet their unique needs.