Tracy coe


In 2002, after six-years Commercial Financing Tracy Coe redirected to serve the health and fitness of her community and founded CoeDynamics. Tracy, as a PMA- Certified Pilates Teacher (CPT), now provides small group and private fitness, functional movement re-education, and fascia release in the form of Pilates,TRX and self-generated myofascial body release.

With great gratitude and respect for the design and gift of the body and mind, in 2006 Tracy once again returned to school combined her above services with functional health care through certifications in Quantum Reflex Analysis health practitioner and Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis.  

As a part of her Functional Health Care Services, Tracy addresses diet, reviews blood labs with clients looking at  function with reader friendly report that brings attention to results trending towards unhealthy status, identifies and addresses root causes to a variety of common health ailments and educates clients about true health prevention with a focus on: nutrient dense diet, non-toxic personal health care, healthy emotions,  changing energy draining environments into environments that charge your internal battery. Through this and a cutting-edge kinesiology testing technique, Quantum Reflex Analysis (QRA), wellness programs are designed tailored for the individual.  

Tracy happily continues to guide individuals at many stages and ages (athletes, therapeutically post-rehab, health preventative and chronic health ailments) to transform from a life of living, to a life that looks and feels great!  Increased energy, chronic ailments relief, improved flexibility, mental sharpness, peace of mind and restful sleep. In 2016, Tracy sold her Studio in order to have more time in offering her contribution of functional movement re-education, fitness guidance and wellness services to clients and the community. 

Tracy likes to live by this healthy minded quote and guide others towards the same. 
“Aging isn’t a choice, but our response to it is. In so many ways we ourselves determine how we shall grow old…” - Charles R Swindoll