Laurie Peterson

“A Journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”.  This couldn't be more true for Laurie Peterson.  A NY to CA transplant at the age of 14, Laurie is a Certified Pilates Instructor and Certified Integrative Nutrition Health and Wellness Coach.  A self-proclaimed gym rat turned studio rat, she has been active from a very young age and has been a serious runner, cyclist & triathlete for much of her life. In 2002 Laurie was certified in personal training through NASM, and ever since has been helping improve the lives of others through her passion for fitness and wellness.  Though Laurie fell in love with mat Pilates 20 years ago, it wasn't until she was recovering from spine surgery in 2016 that she truly experienced all the benefits Pilates has to offer.  At the advice of her surgeon, Laurie began taking private Pilates lessons with Stacey at Pilates Institute of Southern California (PISC) to restore her core strength and flexibility. After a short time, she found herself moving in ways she never thought she would move again! This, coupled with the profound mind body connection Laurie experienced, led her to pursue Pilates as a career and a way of life.  She enrolled in a comprehensive Classical teacher - training program through Pilates Institute of Southern California (PISC) and has never looked back. She continues to learn through workshops and continuing education to better help her clients as well as herself. 

 A wellness expert in many rights, Laurie brings her extensive training and personal experience to each client relationship.  She works with clients of all ages and abilities and is passionately motivated by watching their individual progress and growth.  She finds herself inspired by how their attitude and confidence universally increases with Pilates.  Most of all, Laurie wants her clients to have fun and experience a better and more fulfilling relationship with their bodies both in the studio and in every day life.  She takes a genuine interest in her clients, which allows her to help them live their best life!

Laurie enjoys life in Hermosa Beach with her husband and two pugs.  She has two grown children who return to the nest when possible.  When she’s not in the studio she loves to be outdoors, whether taking long walks, hiking or on the beach.